Spring News Letter

Message from Jim Gavula, HLCA President

Well, it is spring once again and that means spring training baseball and the start of a new baseball season, the NHL hockey playoffs (my personal favorite), the return of the heat and humidity (although we are enjoying a pleasant cool down this week), and yes, the annual Hunters Lake garage sale. So, it’s time to clean out those garages, closets, cabinets and attics and turn that old stuff into a little bit of spending money. Or, in our case, time to make some money to give to the kids to go to the mall, Gamestop, or somewhere with friends.
As most of you know, the garage sale is planned for Saturday, April 16 from 8 AM to 1 PM. But be ready, because 8 AM to those diehard garage sale fans means 7:30 AM or 7 AM or even earlier. So, they will be driving through the neighborhood looking for deals as soon as the sun hits the horizon.
Following the garage sale, we have planned an afternoon driveway get-together from 2 PM to 5 PM. Please see the details that follow in this wonderful edition of our newsletter. This event is open to everyone and children are absolutely welcome. If you are available that afternoon, please stop by and join in the neighborhood fun.
I want to send out a couple of thank you shout-outs before I wrap up. I want to thank Vance Anderson for taking the photos at the holiday party in December. I hope you all had a chance to check them out on the Hunters Lake website, www.hunterlaketampa.com, or on Vance’s Facebook page, VOA Digital and to Bill Ptak for renting the bounce house.
Also, thank you to Ken and Nancy Bachor for putting together another great newsletter.

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Taxing District Update on Neighborhood Street Signs
The Hunter’s Lake Taxing District would like to report that they have been working with a design firm and the county on replacing
all the street signs in the neighborhood with a decorative pole and new signage. They were delayed with a county permitting
issue, but expect to see progress soon.
Some deed restrictions, county ordinances and other reminders that we would encourage everyone to be mindful of:
> Garbage cans MUST be stored out of sight (please do not keep your garbage cans in front of your garage door or in sight)
> Pets MUST be leashed when walking around neighborhood. Also, please be considerate to your fellow residents and pick
up any “gifts” your doggie leaves behind in someone’s yard. No one should have to clean up after your little darlings.
> It is spring time and time for some yard and tree trimming. We have a neighborhood to be proud of.
> If you notice a street light out, please report to Tampa Electric.
> Children will be out of school soon—please drive carefully and keep your speed down.